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City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 1

“I was a guest and it was 5 stars!

I love photo booths, but lets face it they always break or take super long to give you the pictures. It never fails, every party or wedding I’ve been to the photo booth needs to be reloaded or something breaks and we all need to stand in line and wait for it to be fixed. Or is it me? Am I breaking the photo boot cameras? Well that did’t happen with City Photo Booth!

The pictures were printed quickly, there was no long line, and that was not for lack of party goers wanting to get their freaky or funny pictures on. It was because City Photo Booth has good quality booths. The service was friendly and the prompts on the Photo Booth are easy to follow. You don’t have to get 4 pictures of yourself looking confused.

Thanks for a good time City Photo Booth!” –Bianca J.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 2

“Easy. Quick. Fun!

The line moves fast, as you can go into the booth as soon as the people who were in there come out. There is a countdown on the screen and then it takes 4 photos, each with their own countdown. Get out of the booth, move to the side, wait a few seconds and out come the prints. It was a seamless and efficient process. The prints came out great quality on glossy paper.  It was a perfect photo booth experience!” –Francis C.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 3

City Photo Booth was there for this event and they did an amazing job – it’s rare to get a photobooth company to print out as many copies as there are people in the photo so that everyone gets a copy. And they were very quick with too :)” –Steph Y.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 5

“The Photo booth was awesome. who doesn’t love fun props and silly photos?!” –Rita I.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 6

“…photo booth, YELPERS EVERYWHERE!!!! Love that there was a photo booth!!  Shouts to City Photo Booth for providing prints for everyone!” –Marthy S.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 7

“The photo booth was awesome!!” –Diana M.

City Photo Booth Yelp Five Stars 8

“The photo booth was an added plus to this year’s event.” –Lauren S.

“I hope the photo booth & this DJ are at future Yelp events because i really enjoyed both!” –Desiree D.

“the photo booth was SO FUN.” –Amalia Y.

“Oh and the fact there was a photo booth was priceless!” –Alyssa G.

“The photo booth was awesome got some stellar shots for sure for the evening!” –Nicole P.

“…the photo booth was probably the best part and our awesome goody bag…” –Amanda B.

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