“In one serendipitous moment, a mystery that began at Rutgers Zimmerli Art Museum and captivated a worldwide audience is solved”

In March, Rutgers Today reported on “445 Portraits of a Man,” a haunting collection of 445 photobooth images a single individual took of himself from the 1930s through the 1960s on exhibition at the university’s Zimmerli Art Museum. Those who viewed the images learned a lot about how this man aged. What they didn’t know is who he was and why he took and kept so many photos of himself.

Now the mystery, which garnered media attention and captured audiences as far away as China, has been resolved. The moment Tom Trelenberg of Minden, Nevada, logged onto his computer and caught a glimpse of an article with the headline “Mid 20th-Century Mystery Man Takes Selfies” with multiple images of the man’s face, he thought, “Wow, that looks a lot like Uncle Franklyn.” As he read the article and learned that the man might have been from Michigan and a photobooth technician, he says, “I knew it was him.”

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