Shelter Dogs + Photo Booth = Adoption!

We all know the hilarity that ensues when dog meets photo booth, but The Humane Society of Utah are taking it to the next level!

Checkout The Humane Society of Utah – Web | Facebook | Instagram
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LEGO DUPLO Photo Booth Props?! Possibly The Best Props, Ever.

What could be more fun than a photo booth? A photo booth with LEGO blocks! It’s already common knowledge that a photo booth is the best baby sitter for your wedding; kids are entertained all night playing dress up and taking pictures. Just imagine how much MORE fun they’ll have building their owns LEGO DUPLO props!

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This clever wife has something exciting in store, and when she reveals the surprise her husband is moved to tears.

Time spent inside the photo booth is always candid and spontaneous, but this guy just received the surprise of his life when


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Way Cool “Speakeasy” Theme Back Drop for NYE!

DIY photo booth mugshot background, yours for about a $10 bill + effort. Checkout more at The Big Reveal Blog

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